3D plastic printed models on demand in 28mm to 15mm scales

Scale models designed in 3D and printed in high definition PLA fused plastic filament with FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling).

Models are printed on demand in scales selectable among the most popular for wargaming and model railroading: 28mm (1/56), 20mm (1/76-1/72), H0 (1/87) and 15mm (1/100).

The models require minimal assembly and usually do not require glue, not included, and have been designed with enough space to place figures and scenic elements inside the buildings.


Before placing your order, please note the following considerations regarding the 3D printed scale models:

  1. The scale models have been 3D designed by 3D-Print-Terrain and are printed with FDM printer and in PLA plastic. This type of printing is done in layers of recycled molten plastic. These layers are visible on the side surfaces of the printed model. Therefore the walls are not completely smooth. Please note this feature of FDM printed models before placing your order.
  2. Printing is made to order. The standard order takes about 5 working days to be printed and ready to be shipped.
  3. Optionally the models can be ordered painted, the painting work is done by hand, with acrylic paints, including an initial coat of primer and a final coat of varnish. Occasionally they can have some effect made with enamels. If the order includes painting work, we have to add another 5 working days. If you are interested, check our blog section dedicated to scenography works to appreciate the qualities in which the painting works are made.


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