If you have any doubts or questions, please read carefully our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the right answer, you can send us a message via our contact form and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Miniature Figures

Yes, our miniature metal figures contain lead and are not toys. Therefore they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age. They are delivered unpainted and do not include paints. 

Registered Users

Plana Mayor has a private area only accessible to registered users.

Registration in this area allows access to the following resources:

  • Desktop. Direct access to the different services offered.
  • Orders. History of the user’s orders and invoices.
  • Downloads. Access to downloadable acquired products.
  • Addresses. Access to billing and shipping addresses.
  • Payment methods. Listing as a reference of the different payment methods that the user has used in the portal.
  • Account details. Access to the user’s profile with stored personal data.
  • Wishlist. List of the user’s wishes.

All data saved in the private area can be edited or deleted by the user himself.

To make a purchase of a product or service, it is not necessary to register in the private area of Plana Mayor.

Purchases and Payments

The prices of products and shipping rates are in Euros.


According to Spanish Law 37/1992 which regulates Value Added Tax (VAT):

  • If you reside in Spain you have to pay VAT.
  • If you reside in the European Union outside Spain and you do not have a VAT number for intra-community operations you have to pay VAT.
  • If you reside in the European Union outside Spain and you have a VAT number for intra-community operations you do not have to pay VAT.
  • If you reside outside the European Union you do not have to pay VAT.

To check if your VAT number allows intra-community operations, in the checkout form of our store you have the EU VAT Number field (optional) that validates your VAT number. Once validated, the system applies or does not apply VAT at checkout.

To make a purchase at Plana Mayor you must follow the online purchase procedure, once you have decided on the products you want to buy:

  1. Click on Checkout, option available in the Shopping Cart.
  2. Fill in the form Billing Details with the billing and delivery details. If you have a coupon, you can apply it previously.
  3. Fill in the form Your Order with your credit card details: card number, month and year of expiry, and CVC*. This information is sent through the payment gateway to Stripe and is stored on their servers. At no time does Plana Mayor access all these data.
  4. Once the previous forms have been filled in, it is necessary to click on the red Place Order button to finish the purchase.
  5. Once the payment is accepted by Stripe, Plana Mayor sends an email to the buyer with the summary of the order and the confirmation that the order is Processing.

NOTE: The CVC or Card Verification Code is a 3-digit number located on the back of the credit card. This code is used as a security method for transactions where the card is not physically present, such as telephone or Internet purchases. The name of this code may differ among credit card companies and may be called Card Verification Value, CVV, Card Security Code, or Personal Security Code.


When you make a payment in our store, your credit card details are stored on the Stripe payment gateway servers. More information at stripe.com.

Plana Mayor does not have access to your complete credit card information. It only stores the last 4 digits of the card number and its expiration date as a reference.

Payments in Plana Mayor are made through the Stripe gateway. This leading Internet company has a payment infrastructure that is currently used by millions of companies of all sizes, from startups to large companies, to accept payments, send transfers and manage their business activities on the Internet in a secure manner and ensuring regulatory compliance to protect payments made. Learn more at stripe.com

In Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan, the Stripe payment gateway accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments. In the United States, Stripe accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. More information at stripe.com

If at the time of payment you experience any difficulty or error, try one of the following possible solutions:

  1. Use an alternative credit card.
  2. Use an alternative payment method to the one that is causing the problem.
  3. Restart your browser and try again.
  4. Delete your cookies or clear your browser’s cache and try again.
  5. Use an alternative device to the one causing the problem.

If the problem persists, please contact us by sending an email to 

Yes, once you have placed an order and it has been processed, you will receive an email notification that your order has been shipped and is on its way. This notification will include an invoice for the purchase.

Orders and Shipments

At Plana Mayor, we take special care in the handling and packaging of our shipments. We want the pieces sent to you to be in perfect condition when you receive your package. 

To do this we carry out a handling process which, although it may be exaggerated, aims to ensure that the pieces sent arrive without damage. For this work, Plana Mayor does not charge any additional fee to the final cost of the order.

As far as packaging is concerned, at Plana Mayor we try to generate as little waste as possible and contribute to the better sustainability of our planet. For this reason we reuse boxes, which although they are in good condition, have been used previously.

If you wish to make a change in the delivery address once the order has been placed, it is essential that you notify us of the new address as soon as possible. Once the package has been dispatched, no change of address will be possible.

The postal charges are automatically calculated based on the total weight of the items in the shopping cart plus the estimated weight of the parcel. 

All orders are sent registered within a maximum of 24 – 48 working hours after receipt and have a tracking code to facilitate tracking during the journey to their destination. If you want to have the tracking code of your order, you can request it at

Only in the case of the European Community and United Kingdom, shipments can be sent without registration, at the customer’s choice and risk.

The two companies we mainly work with for the shipment of parcels are the state-owned Correos for shipments in Spain and International, and the private courier TIPSA.

Additionally for some international destinations with restrictions due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, such as Australia (see below FAQ Shipping to Australia), we are working with several specialized couriers.

If for any reason we are unable to ship your order within 24 – 72 working hours of placing it, you will be notified by email and provided with an estimated shipping date.

If the shipping calculator does not give you a price for shipping to your country, you can contact us by email at  and tell us what the destination address would be. We will try to see if it is possible to find a satisfactory solution through an international courier to send your order.

If, due to the complicated situation caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, shipments may be delayed during transit and/or at customs due to unforeseen temporary collapses in the management of parcel shipments. Unfortunately, from Plana Mayor we have no way to avoid this kind of incident. 

Customs fees for shipments outside the Euro zone will always be paid by the buyer. Plana Mayor is not aware of the rules and taxes that apply to the import of our products outside the borders of the European Union. 

Only parcels that are sent registered are insured. On the other hand, packages sent without registered (only for EU and UK) are not insured, they travel at the risk of the buyer who freely chooses the mode of shipment.


Yes. In Plana Mayor you have 15 days from the reception of your order to return it to us. The cost of the return shipment will be at your expense. Once received in Plana Mayor and verified that the status of the products is in perfect condition for resale, we will proceed to refund 100% of the cost of products purchased, excluding the cost of original shipping.